Pop Culture Clones

I dislike how pop

Culture crawls its way into

Our lives, replacing

the diversity

Of our collective existence

With flimsy, uniform images

As our hairdos grow

Freakishly familiar, pairs of scissors

Clip the exact same patterns,

The needles drill

And pierce

A thousand holes into

Who we could be.

The posters on the wall

Whether we choose to text or call

Our menus, the funky nail paints

Bowties, ringtones and eyeliners

Patterns of speech, they fixate

In—like, the same places

The dots after words come

In exact numbers

As pop culture goes on to dictate which

Emoticon responds perfectly,

No more; no less.


No longer derive meaning from

Vocabularies of our own

Slang is a mass-authority

If you do not subscribe,

You are still a machine.

An incompetent illiterate arse,

Incapable of rebellion, your

Individuality attacked from

All direction

What you really like

What you really read

Is immaterial as long as you

Stack your shelves with delicious McDonalds that

May or may not be stale

And you’ve lined your kit with wax strips

Of assumptions you need

As long as you

Do not explore, do not experiment, do not

Plunge into the thrill of the unknown to

Find you

Here’s an algorithm that will

Tell you what you love because

Nobody knows you better—

Of course you can choose, we’re beings

Of free-will, it draws out a

Well-filtered map of options

Green or blue?

It forgets to tell you

That the value beneath remains

Cryptically uncreative

We are dull clones of each other

I can hardly distinguish

But for the names, that make us two,

From a newsfeed full of clutter

One from the other,

Pictures of the same pose, repeated

With a rote hashtag yolo

The jokes, the memes

All painfully B&W

As if brainwashed by a voice,

As you slowly forget

That you could be someone else

More deeply you

That you are made to be vividly different from the

Rest as each snowflake against every other

As each colour in the rainbow

As each set of fingerprints etched on a palm

Against every other that has or will ever be

As each language in the throats of seven billion people

You can hardly even see

Through the blinds of conformity

The morphed reflections of similarity

Yelling so clearly that

This is who you are meant to be

That this is you in your element,

That a million hushed up

Now unknown possibilities squat

In some authentic corner of you

Hoping to see the sunlight

Hoping to outshine you

Hoping that they will,

With you be someday



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