Dear Devashree,

Written at Fearless Collective’s In My Name: Open Letters In the Park.


Devashree Somani


Someone who can sneak into your room at 3am, without prior notice or objection.

Dear Devashree,

When I hurriedly texted you an hour ago telling you that Shilo– Shilo escorted me at Cubbon Park, you replied, “shut up and tell her I love her”.

And since that’s what I love most about us, I decided to write this letter to you.

Sometimes I wish I could take what makes our friendship and sprinkle it out in the world. Like confetti, like pixie dust, like rose petals.

And then imagine how many exasperated nights of being under the blanket with green tea, discussing campus politics on the Delhi metro, and well, procrastination there would be. But above all, I think there would be more connection. This extremely precise way we tap into our mumbling, and our exhaustion with the madness of the world around us.

Above all, ours is a bond of solidarity.

Coupled with extensive tagging in memes, and occupying a classroom and listening to music while it rained outside. Sometimes, I get scared of how much we agree with each other. Say the same things. Fail awkwardly to express / support. Maybe it’s not a good idea for the world to be like us.

But then I remember that we’re like the sun and the moon. We come from vastly different places, and we’re going different places, but we wouldn’t mind sharing some light.

What was even worth doubting, we are champion collaborators. The A team. Time never hinders our mission (only sleep does). Skype calls, Google docs, budgets and shopping lists.

We could run the world.

If we did, or if I could figure out how to do the confetti rose petal pixie dust thing, It would be a slightly better place.

Maybe it kind of already is.


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